Marine & Walk Yokohama (Photo: Richard Yoshida /

Marine & Walk Yokohama

Oceanside, open-air mall in the bayside area

Marine & Walk Yokohama (Photo: Richard Yoshida /
Naomi Isaka   - 2 min read

Yokohama's Marine & Walk is a newly built outdoor shopping complex that sits right beside the ocean, creating the perfect ambiance. It has a very simple and relaxing atmosphere paired with an appealing landscape.

Marine and Walk is a space where you can spend quality time shopping, enjoy a nice meal by the sea, or take a scenic walk. Pets are allowed to walk with their owners throughout the facility, but they may not enter any of the shops. Smoking on the premises is only allowed in certain designated areas.

View from the second floor
View from the second floor

The shops that comprise the complex are high-end retail stores. There is a variety of clothing and other various goods. Actually, there is a limited number of shops that are actually within the mall, but each one offers a very unique selection.

The attractive fashion found here is an selection of international trends with a sporty prominence, sold through different single and multi-brand stores. All along the complex are comfortable benches where you can sit and enjoy the sights and fragrances all around you. Benches also line the bay allowing you to take time to look out at the sea and enjoy watching ships come in and out of the harbor.

There is also an assortment of restaurants to choose from. They offer a taste of several different countries that are sure to satisfy you – such as a Pie Holic. As well as a California kitchen, a Thai lunch, delicious seafood, and a selection of other options, one can not go wrong deciding to take time to enjoy a delicious meal. The staff are very welcoming and attentive, offering you great service with your meal. Several of the restaurants and cafes are overlooking the sea, making full use of the great landscape, and creating a great atmosphere to sit and enjoy a nice afternoon or evening meal.

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