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High time for pie time

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Originally opening in spring 2016, Pie Holic serves up 'California style' pies at this bayside location in Yokohama's Marine & Walk mall.

Pie is by no means an established mass-market trend in Japan, which has helped make this niche purveyor of pies see considerable popularity over the years, including a 2017 pop-up store over in Roppongi. Spring 2019 marked their 3rd anniversary, seeing a renewed menu with over a dozen new offerings surely designed to get 'pieholics' back for their own piece of the pie.

The new Premium Apple Pie (¥1,900 + tax) is baked—and served—in a bag, locking in all the flavours of the marinated apples. Opening reveals a puff of 'just baked' apple-meets-pastry splendour for diners to savour, but be quick – it's limited to 30 servings per day.

'Baked in Bag' Apple Pie (Photo: © Pie Holic)
'Baked in Bag' Apple Pie (Photo: © Pie Holic)

Try the Cheese Pot Pie (¥1,600 + tax), which comes loaded with stretchy mozzarella cheese, before washing it down with a Pie Shake (¥1,000 + tax), a blended concoction of pie, ice cream and milk in four varieties: S'more, Nutella banana, Strawberry, and Dutch apple pie.

Cheese Pot Pie (Photo: © Pie Holic)
Cheese Pot Pie (Photo: © Pie Holic)

Of course, Pie Holic would not live up to the name were it not for the larger pie line-up spanning over 30 different savoury offerings, many inspired by different American states, others original creations for the Japanese market. If you can't decide, mix-and-match with a combination of three varieties and they'll produce your own Trio Pie (¥2,800 + tax) that comes in bite-sized pieces of pastry.

No pie establishment would be complete without a sweets line-up, with a dozen additional options here too — including S'mores pie, Pecan Pie, Key Lime Pie, Cherry Pie and several varieties of Apple Pie.

(Photo: © Pie Holic)
(Photo: © Pie Holic)

Getting there

Pie Holic is about a 15 minute from Minato-mirai Station or Bashamichi Station.

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