The main crater is famous for constantly venting its thick smoke (Photo: Steve Morton)

Kyushu's Mount Aso

Smoking hot!

Steve Morton   - 2 min read

Making international news after erupting on 8th October 2016, Kyushu's Mount Aso once again reminded the world that it isn’t called Japan's largest active volcano for just any reason! Although referred to as Mount Aso, this volcano is actually made up of five craggy peaks with Naka-daka being the most famous for venting its constant thick clouds of smoke. Whilst most visitors only make it as far as Naka-dake, it is usually possible to see all of Aso’s five peaks via a hiking trail which takes about 90 minutes to complete.

However, because of last year’s eruption, there is currently a one kilometer exclusion zone around the main peak effecting most of this hiking trail.

Fortunately, it is still possible to see Mount Aso from relatively close by as it sits on a giant caldera blessed with many excellent hiking courses offering the chance to get some spectacular views of this beautiful yet deadly volcano.

Several weeks prior to this eruption, I was able to walk around Mount Aso's five main creators and witness the full beauty of this natural wonder. Current information on danger levels and downloadable walking maps can be found on and

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