Mount Aso

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Mount Aso (Photo: takahiro taguchi / Unsplash)

Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan, is located in Kumamoto, Kyushu. Arguably the prefecture's biggest attraction, Mount Aso is a prime hiking and sightseeing spot that's part of the Aso Kuju National Park. Mt. Aso's peak is at a towering 1,592 meters above sea level, forming a stunning mountainside view from the Aso city.



Takawara, Aso, Kumamoto 869-2223 (Directions)


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Monday 8:30 - 17:30
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General Amenities

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80-minute drive from Kumamoto via the Kumamoto Exit

2-hour drive from Oita City / Beppu

To Nakadake Crater: (check if routes are open to visitors)

40-minute bus ride from JR Aso Station, followed by a shuttle bus to the crater / 30-minute walk

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Kyushu's Mount Aso

Kyushu's Mount Aso

Steve Morton

When it reopens to the public again, be sure to catch the awesome sight of Japan's largest and most active volcano

Kumamoto 8.1k 2
Trekking Mt. Aso

Trekking Mt. Aso

Dana Vielmetti

Kyushu's Mt. Aso boasts one of the largest calderas in the world. Come explore the beautiful area surrounding this active volcano.

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The Magic of Mt. Aso

The Magic of Mt. Aso

C. Rio

When gazing down from above on to the somewhat un-imposing peak of Mt Aso, it is hard to believe that not only is this one of the most active volcanoes in all of Japan, but its also one of the largest calderas in the world. 

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Things to Do around Aso Volcano

Things to Do around Aso Volcano

Nicole Bauer

If you want to feel and see the power of nature, you have to go there and have a look into this huge steaming crater, emitting fumes and gases with an intensity that is almost scary.

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Mount Aso


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Near Mount Aso

A Night in a Farmhouse in Aso

A Night in a Farmhouse in Aso

Nicole Bauer

A must-stay if you visit Mount Aso in Kumamoto: A traditional farmhouse with lots of atmosphere and outstanding organically grown homemade food. 

Kumamoto 11.8k 3


Ignatius Koh

Aso is Kumamoto's most fascinating sightseeing spot. From having the largest inhabited caldera in the world to the surrounding verdant grasslands, Aso thrives with incredible vistas of Japanese heritage and geographical wonders. Due to Mount Aso being a living and active volcano, there are sometimes warnings in effect that can affect sightseeing visits. Always check the volcano's current status before a visit to the Aso area. Even if you happen to visit when there is an exclusion range in effect, you'll still be treated to incredible rural sights. Renowned for its sublime natural parks (like Aso Geopark) and unspoiled landscapes (Kujuu National Park), Aso is a premier destination for any nature lover or metropolitan aiming to escape the city's overwhelming atmosphere. Retreat to Aso for a rejuvenating visit at any one of their many attractions, including thermal hot springs like Akamizu Spa, Uchinomaki Spa, or Sensuikyo. The vista from the cable car near Mount Aso is especially awe-inspiring for its panoramic views of the commanding and powerful volcano.

Kumamoto 12.8k
Olmo Coppia

Olmo Coppia

Mandy Bartok

The little lane narrowed the further it got from the main road and I began to wonder if there is indeed a temple of vegan delights at the end of this path. I'm not a subscriber

Kumamoto 5.2k
Aso Shrine

Aso Shrine

Aso Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Aso is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. This shrine holds several Important Cultural Properties, including Ichi-no-shinden, Ni-no-shinden, and Rōmon. The Aso Shrine was heavily damaged in the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes. [Wikipedia]

Kumamoto 5km away
Aso Nature Land

Aso Nature Land

Aso Nature Land was established in 2005 as a place for people to experience outdoor activities in the midst of incredible natural vistas. This professional outdoor shop will organize an adventure just for you. From early morning hot-air balloon rides to grass sledding on a Bockerl, mountainboarding to paragliding, you are sure to find an outdoor activity that appeals to you. And their website even accepts reservations in English. You won’t forget your next trip to Kumamoto when you experience its beauty firsthand.

Kumamoto 9km away
Aso-Kuju National Park

Aso-Kuju National Park

Ignatius Koh

The Aso-Kuju National Park in Kyushu and the magnificent bowl-shaped caldera of Mount Aso is a spectacular sight to behold. Hiking trails and fine cuisine surround the vast area.

Kumamoto 12.8k 3
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