This hidden cafe is very inviting (Photo: Yui Yamaguchi)

Walet Cottage Cafe

Tea and scones with hand-made jam in a cottage garden

Yui Yamaguchi   - 2 min read

Hidden away on a narrow street, Walet is nestled among houses in the countryside, but you would not miss it from the many people milling around this quaint cafe. On the day I visited, there was a small crowd outside even before it opened, chatting in the uncultivated yet pretty cottage garden outside, and waiting for the doors to open at eleven o’clock. A tortoiseshell cat walked slowly towards to us which made me feel even more relaxed and peaceful.

When you are inside, give your name at the door and wait to be called when a table is ready. I ordered scones with hand-made jam which you can have it for take away as well. They were served on an antique plate which added to the bucolic atmosphere. The scone is not too dry or bitter but is of a good size and I enjoyed those with fresh cream and jam which was not too sweet.

The space next to the café is a shop for haberdashery and craft items such as bottoms and laces. Perusing over these pretty items gave me lots of creative ideas on personalising my accessories.

Walet is five minutes away from Kumamoto Airport by car and close to Fukusato Ichiba Markets on Route 206.

Yui Yamaguchi

Yui Yamaguchi @iyu.mura

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