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Miyabi: Subtle Beauty of Nanzenji

Luscious autumn of Nanzenji Temple, Kyoto

Takako Sakamoto   - 1 min read

The buildings of this temple are very old, so even if these photos are old, there's not much difference in the scenery. You can enjoy these old photos as though they are the latest views of the temple.

If there's a difference at all, it would be how luscious or gorgeous the color of maple trees here are each year. The autumn leaves here were exceptionally beautiful.

In this photo story, I'd like to introduce the landmark of Nanzenji Temple, the 'canal tunnel', and the area surrounding it. This canal tunnel is often used as a locale of various TV dramas. Here, the foreign red brick architecture is merged into Japanese old temple buildings, which creates a mysteriously attractive landscape.

Nanzenji Temple; My Home Sweet Home 1. Miyabi: Subtle Beauty of Nanzenji 2. Wabi: Lonesome Beauty of Nanzenji 3. Sabi: Sad Beauty of Nanzenji

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