Beautiful omorozakura at Ninna-ji (Photo: Kumamushi/CC By SA 3.0 )

Omurozakura at Ninna-ji Temple

Enjoy late blooming cherry blossoms in Kyoto

Beautiful omorozakura at Ninna-ji (Photo: Kumamushi/CC By SA 3.0 )
Kim   - 1 min read

Each year during spring, Kyoto's Ninna-ji Temple is decorated with the color of various cherry trees in bloom. Among the trees here are an impressive number of omurozakura, or late-blooming cherry trees. In total there are around 500 of these late-blooming variants, so if you've missed the peak of the most common Somei Yoshino variety elsewhere, head to Ninna-ji and appreciate all the beauty on display!

Typically, full bloom happens around the mid-April timeframe, but that does fluctuate from year-to-year depending on weather conditions. The official temple website posts updates on the flowering status closer to the season.

Adult admission to the temple grounds during the blooming season is priced at 500 yen.

Getting there

Kyoto's Ninna-ji Temple is located approximately a 40 minute drive from the Kyoto Minami Interchange on the Meishin Expressway. On-site parking is available for up to 100 vehicles at a cost of 500 yen.

For those using public transport, the temple is just three minutes on foot from Omuro Ninnaji Station, served by the Keifuku Randen Tram Line.


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