Kiyomizu Temple and Otowa Waterfall

UNESCO World Heritage in Higashiyama Kyoto

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Kiyomizu Temple, also known as the Pure Water Temple, is one of more famous temples in Japan. This temple is located up in a hill in the east of Kyoto. One of the things that stands out is the wooden stage in the main hall that is 13 meters above the hill. During the spring period, this will give you an amazing view of the cherry blossom. From the wooden stage, you will also able to see Kyoto city in the distance. Kiyomizu Temple is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The wooden platform is really a majestic piece of art. As you walk, you will notice the incredible amount of detail and the magnificence of the platform itself. You will be in awe and wonder as to how the people built it so long ago. It is quite a sight to behold.

The road leading to Kiyomizu Temple is filled with different shops and restaurants selling items for visitors. Some of the items you can get in there are sweets and pottery. You can purchase those items either before or after you have explored Kiyomizu Temple.

Another attraction of this temple is the Otowa Waterfall, where the waters are divided into 3 separate streams and you can use the cups given to drink from them. Each of the streams is believed to have a different effect such as bringing success, love and longevity. You should only pick one of the three streams though, as it is considered greedy if you were to drink from all of them.

As you go further, you will get to see a three-storied pagoda. Called Koyasu Pagoda, it is believed that a visit to this place will give you an easy and safe childbirth. The pagoda is in dark orange colour and it stood on its own in the southern part of Kiyomizudera.

During the Hantoro event, which is held in March and during the fall season, Kiyomizudera will be illuminated with lights. So if you happen to visit during those period, do consider seeing the illuminated temple, as I'm sure it will be even more majestic looking.

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