Store Front (Photo: Cordelia Ding)

Spicy Masara Curry at Kyoto Station

Enjoy a fast, tasty meal of Curry before you embark!

Store Front (Photo: Cordelia Ding)
Cordelia Ding   - 3 min read

Picture this: after a long day of sightseeing in Kyoto, you, the tired and hungry traveler are attempting to trudge up and down the many stairs of Kyoto Station, hoping to find somewhere to eat at. Your Shinkansen (bullet train) leaves in less than a hour, so you do not have much time to look around. Suddenly, the appetizing waft and scent of curry fills the air, and you turn to your right and see a bright sign that reads "Spicy Masara Curry Shop." Intrigued by the placing of the shop as it is placed right next to a line of escalators and the elevator leading to one of the busiest intersection in the Kyoto Station Building, you peak into the store and realize that it's a Curry Vending Machine Shop! Even more so intrigued, you will order your curry at the vending machine, and sit down amongst many busy travelers dressed in business suits.

I stumbled across this curry shop on my way to the Kintetsu line after an afternoon spent in the Kyoto Station area, and I was indeed sold by the lovely smell of curry in the air. I ordered "Number 17" on the menu using the Vending Machine, and received a ticket which I then gave to a staff member. Order number 17 was a plate split in half with two kinds of curry. One kind was the store's signature "Shinkansen premium beef curry" and the other was the "Keema curry." Both were equally delicious and filled my mouth with a variety of spices. The difference between the curry at this shop and other curry shops I found, was that the curry at Spicy Masara was a lot more flavorful. After each bite, I was left with a mouthful of exotic flavoring - I could taste masala, and pepper, and more. The portion size was also very good, and the ratio of curry to rice was also appropriate. I enjoyed being able to sample two different kinds of curry in one meal, so I would highly recommend trying the "Half & Half" plate.

The appeal of this store is not only the appeal of delicious and fast curry, but also its price and convenience. Each meal is less than ¥1000, and even if you add toppings like egg, cheese, or a croquette to your meal, the meal would still cost less than ¥1400. The dishes at Spicy Masara offer you filling meals that will satisfy both your hunger and your taste buds. The store is located on the Pedestrian Walkway in Kyoto Station, and you will not definitely miss the bright red and yellow exterior covered with photos of curry!

If you're looking for a place by Kyoto Station to eat on a budget and a time crunch, check out Spicy Masara Curry Shop and indulge yourself in a dinner that will have you scraping your plate hoping for a bite more after you're finished!

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