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Mount Miune Rime Ice Festival 2025

Explore this unique winter phenomenon in Nara

Kim   - 2 min read
Venue : Mount Miune, Nara When : Late Jan - Mid Feb 2025

Rime ice is a natural phenomenon that occurs when supercooled water droplets freeze upon contact with surfaces, creating delicate ice formations. It's commonly seen on trees, fences, and other objects, and provides a frosty, ethereal appearance. One place to see rime ice in Japan is near the summit of Nara's Mount Miune, and they're holding the Mount Miune Rime Ice Festival to celebrate.

Photo: 「知れば知るほど奈良はおもしろい」実行委員会

The event will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from January 20th (Saturday) to February 18th (Sunday), and along with the beautiful rime ice to appreciate there will be sales of local products, mountain summit commemorative cards to be issued, and onsen discount coupons handed out – the perfect way to warm up after your visit, perhaps!

Getting there

The mountain area can be reached in approximately an hour by bus (Kirihi Bus) from Kintetsu Haibara Station, but please note that reservations are required.

For those who are driving, please ensure your vehicle is equipped with winter tires.


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