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Entsuin, Matsushima in the Snow

Treasure of the Date clan

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Entsū-in is a famous Myōshin-ji-branch Rinzai Zen Buddhist temple located in Matsushima, Miyagi prefecture. The temple grounds include Sankeiden (the mausoleum for Date Mitsumune), Daihitei (the main hall), a rock garden, rose garden and a few other points of interest.

Entsuin was built in 1646 by Date Tadamune, the second feudal lord of the Sendai clan, who was grieving the death of his son Mitsumune (the clan was founded by Tadamune's father, Date Masamune). Sankeiden was built as a mausoleum for Date Mitsumune.

Entsuin Temple is designated as an important national cultural asset.

Hours: 8:30–17:00 (March to November) / –16:00 (December to February)

Fee: Adult–300 yen, High school students–150 yen, Children–100 yen, Under 5s–free.

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