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Fall at Entsuin Garden

Fire in the trees at the Rose Temple

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Entsuin Garden, sometimes called Baratera or Rose Temple is the smaller neighbor of the more famous Zuigan-ji. Entsuin's four distinct gardens are beautiful in any season but fall is down right amazing. The crisp autumn air seems to sharpen the senses as your eyes try to adjust to the magnitude of gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows all contrasted against the bright green of summer in Japan and a clear blue sky.

In Matsushima there is a quite a lot to contend with as far as beauty competition but Entsuin Garden holds up against the more popular places of Zuigan-ji and Fukuurajima no problem. As a Rinzai sect Buddhist temple the first large feature is a Zen garden named, "Garden of Heaven." Some of the best fall colors are right here at the entrance. Further back in the garden you can see the fall colors of the tall trees from Zuigan-ji and many different instances of the green of Japan's summer changing into an autumn blaze.

Bring an extra memory card, you might want it.

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