An earth-boring scarab beetle, likely an oosenchikogane (Geotrupes auratus auratus), soaks in the autumn sunshine (Photo: Tristan Scholze)

Nature of Ebino Kogen Campground

Autumn pines, mosses, grasses, and a beetle

Tristan Scholze   - 1 min read

This excellent campground in Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park spreads over hills sheltered by Japanese red pine, or akamatsu. The forest floor is covered in grasses, most notably the spectacular autumn susuki. On this day in mid-October, I also found a few charming species of moss and a colorful beetle. Near the campground are the Ebino Eco Museum Center, the Ikemeguri Nature Trail through forests and around volcanic lakes, and a hike across a sulfurous landscape, beautiful fields, and up to the peak of Mt. Karakuni.

Tristan Scholze

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