JJ Walsh

Matsumoto Art Museum

Colorful, fun & contemplative

JJ Walsh   - 1 min read

The Matsumoto City Museum of Art it seems like a rather ordinary building until you see the gigantic "blooms" looming over the museum sign. As you get nearer, the full scale of the colorful floral installation becomes apparent. The installation stays with you as your move around the museum in the form of reflections and colors, which filter the though the glass and wood building.

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JJ Walsh

JJ Walsh @joy.walsh

I've been living in Hiroshima since the mid 90's & still discovering new things to enjoy. I'm a big fan of both the old "wabi sabi" as well as modern and new designs, Japan offers both of these type of places to explore and enjoy. Even after many years here, I am still discovering surprising, fan...