The pagoda and the foliage (Photo: Bryan Baier)

Fiery Autumn at Tanzan Shrine

Unique architecture and seasonal nature at their best

Bryan Baier   - 1 min read

Autumn turns the Japanese countryside and its many shrines and temples to lakes and seas of autumn fire. The most spectacular temples and shrines also draw out hordes of people. Tanzan Shrine in the mountains south of Nara Prefecture's Sakurai City is far enough removed from the well beaten and well known tracks that it doesn't draw the overwhelming number of visitors that more well known and easily accessed locales in Nara City and Kyoto do. It's maple, sakura and beach tree filled grounds, mountaintop locale and beautiful buildings, including the unique 15th century 13-story pagoda, make it one of if not the most beautiful mountain shrines in Japan. The sites turned me into snap happy maniac as I worked to capture the beauty of the location on film. I have yet to find a shrine or temple who's autumnal beauty exceeds that of Tanzan.

Bryan Baier

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