Spilt into two areas, this part of the restaurant had a pleasant view over a small stone garden (Photo: John Carter)

Sunroute Nara Hotel

An reliable business hotel with spacious rooms

Spilt into two areas, this part of the restaurant had a pleasant view over a small stone garden (Photo: John Carter)
John Carter   - 4 min read

Nara is a relatively small city that has several options when it comes to deciding on a place to stay. One of these places is Hotel Sunroute and somewhere that is definitely worth considering. Sunroute is actually a chain of hotels located all around the country and they even have a hotel in Taipei. When coming to Nara you may have even already stayed in one of their other locations before so finding on here can be a comforting discovery. If this is your first time with the franchise then you’ll be equally as pleased to find this hotel as their quality and budget price has made won them a loyal fan base.

After a pleasant 10 walk from Nara station, I soon found myself outside the building and stepped inside. No sooner than I had arrived check-in was complete and I found myself in my room, laying down my bags after a long journey. I was pleased to find the size of the room was very comfortable and this is something that is present throughout the various options. Single, double and deluxe double rooms are available and each is as pleasant as the next. If it’s possible, staying on the north side of the building will offer you an incredible view of a three story Pagoda regardless of which room type you choose. Saying this, each side possesses it’s own unique view ranging from mountains to the quaint city streets.

Of course a great view is something you want from your room but being within a close proximity to the sightseeing destination of the city is even more valuable. Sunroute is just inside the city centre and everything you’ll want to see is within a small walking distance. Bikes are an extremely popular method of transport in Japan and for a reason. Being a great way to get around you’ll be pleased to find the hotel offers a rental service as part of their facilities. Kofukuji Temple and Taritsu restaurant is within walking distance, while Round One sports, Karaoke and entertainment centre is just 1 stop away on the Kintetsu train or 10 minutes by bicycle in Shin Omiya.

The hotel offers the usual amenities such as a toothbrush and towels though I was very pleased to find a feature on the third floor that is extremely useful. If, like myself you are travelling the country and find yourself in one place for a short period of time then you’ll probably have experienced the difficulties washing your clothes. Of course hotels offer washing services, but usually charging per item this can soon become costly. Sunroute Nara has it’s very own coin laundry area and at a very cheap price. This could also be beneficial to those with children.

Finding somewhere to eat in an unfamiliar city can be a real adventure or a daunting task. Luckily for those who seek convenience, located on the basement floor is Obana: a Japanese restaurant. Serving meals from breakfast till dinner, traditional cuisine can be enjoyed with ease during your stay at an affordable price. Breakfast plans are also available when booking your room and Nara’s local delicacy; Chagayu (tea gruel) is on the menu.

This was actually my first stay in a Sunroute hotel and with the pleasant stay I had I know I’ll be sure to choose them again during my future travels.

John Carter

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