Uonuma Koji Salon

A uniquely Niigata factory tour experience

By Michael B    - 1 min read

All throughout Japan, you can visit sake breweries and see how Japan's famous alcohol is made. But in Niigata, home of Japan's best sake, you also have the opportunity to see how another uniquely Japanese rice based drink is created.

The Uonuma Koji Salon offers visitors a window into the production of amazake, a drink that has been a staple in Japanese tradition for centuries. Visitors are given the opportunity to tour one of the largest and newest amazake production facilities in the country, while presenting a beautiful cafe and visitor's shop in which to sample amazake inspired products and purchase traditional and contemporary Niigata-made goods.

I personally recommend trying the amazake gelato or soft cream. Even those who are wary of trying the rice based drink will enjoy these variants.

Getting there

The Uonuma Koji Salon is a five minute taxi ride from Urasa Station, which is accessible via the Joetsu Shinkansen.

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