Matthew Shewchuk

Wari Biki Sawa

In the shadow of Mt. Makihata

C. Rio   - 1 min read

Sometimes the best way to explore a new place is with good friends and wearing 5mm of neoprean. My first glimpses of the waterfalls in Wari Biki Sawa came whilst hiking up to the summit of Makihata-san, and it took two months before I was able to convince a group of my friends to take the plunge with me. Literally. Canyoning, although it does not require sunny weather to enjoy, can become quite dangerous with heavy rain.  So on a cold overcast day in mid September, me and a crew of friends explored one of the Canyons at the foot of Makihata. Always with an eye on the water level we descended, jumping, swimming, sliding and using rope. Although it was not perfect weather, we had a great time and will be sure to come back under better conditions.

C. Rio

C. Rio @matthew.shewchuk

Based out of Minakami, where I work as a canyoning guide.  I love hiking and am always looking to the skies for good weather.