Ogiyama Fire Festival 2025

Incredible scenes at one of Japan's largest fire events

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Ogiyama/Mount Ohira When : Early Apr 2025

Fire is often associated with destruction, but interestingly, it also embodies the essence of renewal and transformation. In nature, fire plays a crucial role in the rejuvenation of ecosystems – for instance, after wildfires, scorched landscapes eventually give rise to fresh growth since the flames clear away debris and promote seed germination.

This is part of the rationale behind the Ogiyama Fire Festival, which started in 1976 and is held in early April each year as part of the Beppu Onsen Festival. The event serves to welcome spring's arrival, and it's one of the largest fire events in all of Japan. Locals set the dried grass on the side of Ogiyama (also known as Mount Ohira) ablaze to promote springtime flower growth, and it makes for an incredible visual scene.

Getting there

Ogiyama/Mount Ohira is visible from just about anywhere in Beppu.

Beppu Station is served by the JR Nippō Main Line.


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