The Oasis Tower Hotel is the tallest building in the whole of Oita prefecture (Photo: Haruka Saijo)

Oita Oasis Tower Hotel

Welcome to the oasis and landmark of Oita City

The Oasis Tower Hotel is the tallest building in the whole of Oita prefecture (Photo: Haruka Saijo)
Haruka Saijo   - 3 min read

Arriving at Oita City, a prefectural capital that lies along the coast of the clear Pacific Ocean surrounded by grand mountains, you will notice that the highest building in this prefecture is a twenty-one-storied landmark – the Oasis Tower Hotel. This very highly ranked hotel is one of the few in Oita, and the Imperial Family also stays here when visiting the area.

I stayed in a Moderate Single room, which is supposedly the smallest type of room available, but was surprised at how spacious it was, and most importantly to me, how big the bed was. Sleeping in a slightly smaller than Queen-sized bed all by myself led me into a deep and comfortable beauty sleep. The view from my 16th floor room’s enormous window was gorgeous, with the city right at the bottom, the mountain range stretching across 180 degrees in the distance, and the sparkling ocean spread in the corner. I personally loved the evening scenery, when the sun was setting behind the mountains, bringing the sky and ocean into a tie-dye of blue, orange, and red. The bathroom was amusing as well, with a speaker connected to the television so that you can still listen to your favorite TV program while showering and not feel lonely. I totally enjoyed my stay here.

The Oasis Tower Hotel is connected to the NHK broadcasting station, a mall, an office building, and a concert hall that fits in 2000 people, and many professionals stay as well in connection with these facilities. In addition, a prefectural museum, which is under construction at the moment, will also be completed right across the street in 2014 as a new major travel destination. The shopping district of the city is a five-minute walk away from the hotel adding further convenience, and the shopping arcade that stretches close by to the hotel from the station makes it easier for you to walk under heavy rain or harsh sunlight.

As a top-ranked hotel, it is needless to say that the hotel employees take pride in their hospitality and aim to increase the number of repeaters, not only to the hotel but also to their restaurants and salons. Their service was flawless, politely introducing me to a map with all the places of interest, making sure I had an enjoyable day, and writing notes to confirm that they cleaned my room according to my suggestions. Everything was perfectly comfortable, as all quality hotels aim to ensure.

I highly recommend that you take time for a marvelous dinner at The 21, the hotel’s restaurant and bar located on the top floor and highest point in Oita. The panoramic view from the restaurant is spectacular, especially at night. The hotel also has a bridal salon, and can make your wedding a lovely and magnificent memory.

Staying at the Oasis Tower Hotel for just 2 nights was too few for me, and I really do hope that I can come back and stay longer, hopefully with someone special to enjoy dinner with at The 21. On visiting Oita City, look up from any street and you will find the high landmark tower waiting to welcome you into its oasis.

Haruka Saijo

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