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Okayama to Naoshima

The yellow train of Uno

Bonson Lam   - 1 min read

The train trip from Okayama to Uno is one that will slow you down to the tranquil pace of rural Okayama. While it is only short distance-wise, it takes much time as the longer trip from Okayama to Shin-Osaka on the bullet train. You may occasionally have to change trains at Chayamachi.

There is an real assortment of trains on this line, with modern looking trains like the Marine Liner, or old clunkers like the yellow train of Uno, stopping all stations without any of the stresses applied to the faster trains, almost like if it has been sent out to pasture. On the other hand, childlike trains like the Anpaman themed trains make an appearance, with its pastel shades and happy faces.

Uno is known as the gateway to Art Islands of the Inland Sea. On the way on Uno, you see glimpses of modern art, like the checkerboard decorations on a platform, teasing you for what lies ahead. 

Bonson Lam

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