A small bakery in northern Okinawa City

By Michael Flemming   Oct 26, 2013 - 2 min read

My visit to the Eternite Bakery completed my tour of the six bakeries located in close proximity of each other along or near Route 16 as it transitions from Okinawa City into Uruma City. The shop is very noticeable as it is on a section of roadway that is relatively new and mostly residential. The bakery is in a small pink building that's hard to miss due to its shade as well as Christmas lights and many colorful signs on its exterior. Inside the shop there isn't much room to move around. A large see through cake display shows the daily line up of freshly baked and decorated pastries. Shelves and racks of cookies and other pastries line the shop from each side of the cake display. Eternite specializes in special made-to-order cakes, cream puffs, and cookies. Most cakes start at about 2,000 yen. Cookies, cream puffs, and individual slices of cheese or chocolate cake start at about 200 to 300 yen each. I like to drop in with my children to let them pick one item each when on the way home from sports practice or school. Eternite Bakery is located on the western most portion of Route 224 between Routes 16 and 36 in northern Okinawa City. Store hours are 10:00 ~ 20:30 daily except Wednesdays and Sundays.

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