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Shopping in Okinawa

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Nago Grocery Store 6

Nago Grocery Store

Peter Lin

Nago Grocery Store is a special souvenir shop and cafe in downtown Nago. It is a perfect place to pick up housewares, art pr...

Okinawa Pottery Street 6

Okinawa Pottery Street

Bonson Lam

Yachimun Street in Tsuboya is the number one place in Okinawa for pottery, ever since the Ryukyu king gathered the very best ...

American Village 20

American Village

Tinka Weener

American Village located in Okinawais a fun and quirky place to go to if you are looking to spend some time in a place that s...

Good Will 7

Good Will

Michael Flemming

Good Will shops in Japan are computer sales centers rather than thrift shops that train and employ the handicapped