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Home Improvement offerings far more than just hardware

Michael Flemming   - 1 min read

What kind of store has a construction monkey on its signs? Make Man is a chain of do-it-yourself home improvement stores with multiple locations in Okinawa. Walking into the large big box style store, visitors will have to pass through the tire center, Blue Seal Ice Cream Shop, lumber center, building supply center, and garden center before truly entering the main store. Inside the expansive air conditioned interior of Make Man are endless aisles of everything one would expect a home improvement store to have as well as many more not typically associated with hardware and building supplies. Make Man seems to have everything available in any retail store other than groceries, electronics, clothing, toys, media and cosmetics. Make Man in Uruma City is located at the eastern-most intersection of Gushikawa Loop Route 224 and Route 85. The store is open daily from 09:30 ~ 20:00.

Michael Flemming

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