There are lots of colorful shirts and dresses for sale (Photo: Peter Sidell)

Naha's Covered Shopping Arcades

Clothes and souvenirs and sweets and food and more!

Peter Sidell   - 1 min read

At the eastern end of Naha's main street of Kokusai-Dori, there are some covered shopping arcades that stretch off south towards the Tsuboya pottery district. There's not much you can't find here; the stores and stands sell brightly colored Hawaiian and Okinawan clothing, boxes of sweets and cookies, traditional goods such as the three-stringed banjo-like sanshin, imported household goods, colorful 'shisa' lion figures, and plenty more besides! Not only that, the competition keeps prices low, which make this the best place in Naha to pick up your souvenirs.

Peter Sidell

Peter Sidell @peter.sidell

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