Okuma Yuimaru Garden

A tiny oasis for morning coffee at the first tee

By Michael Flemming   - 1 min read

My morning ritual includes freshly brewed coffee overlooking my backyard, usually observed from inside my home. When I visit Okuma once or twice a year I enjoy my cup from inside the Yuimaru Garden along the first tee of the Habu Links nine hole golf course. The peaceful little corner of the U.S. military recreation center is designed to be like a Japanese Garden, but it's commonly a bit less than fully kept to achieve the Zen of a genuine one - such as the little stream that runs along it, which is currently shut off and full of leaves. Even without lanterns or working water basins the effect is still calming. I will drink coffee there again. The U.S. military Okuma recreation facility in Kunigami Village just off of Route 58 is open to all U.S. assigned Defense personnel, military retirees, and their guests.

Michael Flemming

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