Mihama American Village and the beach make for a good backdrop for photos from the balcony (Photo: Muneerah Bee)

Terrace Garden Mihama Resort

Feels like home

Mihama American Village and the beach make for a good backdrop for photos from the balcony (Photo: Muneerah Bee)
Muneerah Bee   - 3 min read

Wouldn’t you like to return to a comfortable home away from home after a day of sightseeing in Okinawa? Well you’re in luck because that is exactly what the Terrace Garden Mihama Resort offers.

Conveniently located near the American Village in Chatan, the “resort” has a very cozy and homely feel to it. There are only 14 rooms in the entire hotel (from Level 3 to Level 9 and the rooms on Level 4 are “Japanese-style rooms”), so you always get that added sense of privacy unlike most hotels.

Besides beds, there is space in the 100 square meter rooms for a spacious sitting area with a large television and every room in the hotel has a hot tub. But why take my word for it? The website (www.terrace-garden.com/english/) shows you exactly what each room looks like.

You will need to take the elevator to the second floor to get to the reception to check in and the restaurant on the same floor.

There didn’t seem to be wireless access in the hotel but upon check in, you will be asked if you need Internet access and the staff will hook up the LAN cable in your room if you do.

The staff spoke little English but their friendliness and helpfulness more than make up for that. They do their best to help and answer your questions and make you comfortable.

If you are hungry at any time of the day, just look across the street in all directions. Besides the hotel’s restaurant, McDonald’s is nearby, across the highway or if you are looking for a quick snack from a convenience store, Lawson is just across the small street. Right next to the hotel is a Teppanyaki restaurant and if you take a few minutes walk to American Village, more food choices await you there.

The biggest drawback would be the noise from the traffic as the hotel sits right along the highway but it didn't bother me too much.

On my Facebook account, my caption for the photo of me in the Terrace Garden Mihama Resort says, “Best hotel room ever”. And that claim has yet to be challenged. :)

Muneerah Bee

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