Mos Burger (Photo: Noriko Tanahashi)

Yakiniku Rice Burger

Mos Burger Japanese style

Mos Burger (Photo: Noriko Tanahashi)
Noriko Duck   - 3 min read

Mos Burger is a fast-food franchise that originated in Japan. The health-conscious shops are not only located all over Japan but also in many others in East Asia like Taiwan and Singapore. Everything served here tastes great, but the restaurant chain is especially known for its rice burgers. Kaisen kakiage, a frittered fresh seafood shrimp rice burger) and kinpira or fried burdock and carrot rice burger have been selling well in the restaurants, and now yakiniku, a grilled beef strip rice burger is back.

Since its creation in 1990, it rose rapidly in the popularity stakes, but even so, they stopped selling it in 2012. Fans of the rice burger wondered where it had gone and requested its return. Considering its popularity in the past and requests from many customers, they decided to bring it back. After more than three years, it made a comeback as a regular item on the menu.

The beef patty is seasoned well with the fruity, spicy-sweet sauce of soybeans, green onion, grated ginger, and apple juice. The sauce tastes the same as the original one. The strips are gently wrapped with a fresh, crispy leaf of lettuce and sandwiched between grilled rice buns that have a springy texture seared with soy sauce on the surface. The rice is domestically produced for Japanese deliciousness and hospitality. Some other companies sell rice burger-like products with yakiniku in them as well, but the burger cooked at Mos is the best one. By the way, the quantity of the rice buns is increased by 20%, so you can feel more like having a meal by eating the burger for just 390 yen.

To enjoy the burger more, I recommend you order butajiru, a miso soup made with pork and vegetables to go with the burger for 290 yen. The soup is stewed well in the dashi stock of bonito and konbu, and it's flavored with three kinds of miso. The vegetable ingredients are taro, daikon radish, carrot, and burdock. Pieces of aburaage, a thin slice of deep-fried tofu, which is rich in protein, is featured in the soup. The light taste of it is a good match to the rich, beefy taste of the burger. It contains only 44 kcal per cup, and the burger has 421 kcal, so there's nothing to worry about even if you're on a diet.

If you're okay with consuming more calories, I suggest a Mos shake. The three regular flavors are coffee, strawberry, and vanilla. The refreshing, not-too-sweet taste of these cold drinks will make you even happier when dining.

You will have fun munching the yakiniku rice burger if you love barbecue. Go to Mos and eat the burger when you're in Japan.

Noriko Duck

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