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John Carter
John Carter   - 3 min read

Being my first time in the city of Osaka I really wanted to make sure I chose a great place to stay. Not knowing my around, easy access to the hotel was absolutely essential as well as a simple commute to the city’s popular destinations being second on my list. If like myself you are planning on visiting the city for the first time then Guest House Bear’s Moriguchi is a great place to stay.

Coming from Nara I thought I might run into some navigational issues when trying to locate the hotel but after a few trains and just a short walk from Moriguchi-shi station I found my way there with ease. Within a 90 or so minute proximity to Kansai Airport you’ll easily make your way there whether you enter Osaka domestically or internationally. On the other hand, Kyoto is less than 45 minutes away with direct express trains on the Keihan line.

Upon arriving I noticed I couldn’t get access to the building. Don’t worry as the front door automatically locks making the building extremely safe for its guests. The staff were quick to open the door and greeted me in the friendly manner I look forward to every time I check into a hotel in Japan. Being escorted upstairs is something I highly appreciate.

Without stating the obvious, your room is probably the most important aspect of any hotel you visit and Bear’s Moriguchi offers comfort and quality. Inside the guest room there is a small fully equipped kitchen complete with gas hob. I’ve stayed in catering accommodation before but this facility being available in a guesthouse room was extremely convenient and helped create a really homely atmosphere. If you have a set budget during your stay then cooking facilities could help you save that little extra on food allowing you to enjoy sightseeing more thoroughly. Of course plates etc are available if you ask at reception.

Another unique and convenient feature of the hotel is the stay duration. From one night to a few months or longer, this is ideal for those on holiday or even a long business trip. It’s also ideal for those who may be looking for a short-term residence whilst apartment hunting.

If staying for a long time or even just a short stay then getting to know the other guests is something you might like to do. Located just near the lobby is a ‘conversation room’ or common space. With shelves stacked with manga it’s a great place to relax and make friends. I always enjoy these areas, as it’s a great way to connect with people and even practice speaking Japanese.

Like I mentioned, as it was my first time in Osaka there were some things I was troubled by but mainly getting around easily and seeing the city. Staying at Guest House Bear’s Moriguchi I had a stable platform to start from each day and I soon found myself completely comfortable getting about. Whether you are in the same position as myself, a first time visitor, or returning to the city again then this hotel will cater for you either way. After all, everyone appreciates comfort and convenience.

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