Nifrel entrance (Photo: Guillaume Dore)

The Nifrel Aquarium of Expo City

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Nifrel entrance (Photo: Guillaume Dore)
Guillaume Doré   - 2 min read

Most aquarium fans in Osaka have probably visited the Kaiyukan Aquarium, but may not have heard of Nifrel, a unique aquarium in shopping center LaLaport Expocity, which presents animals regrouped in different thematic zones.


The first zone in the visit is the color zone, where you can find different animals with stunning colors, starting by bright red shrimps, purple sea anemones and clownfish. In each of the thirteen tanks of the first zone, you will see fish with surprising colors; pure white, blue, yellow, orange, or multicolor fish. An impressive showcase!


In the second zone, you will find creatures with special abilities, ranging from color shifting for camouflage purpose, fish walking outside water or have the ability to dig tunnels in the sand. You might be more interested to stick your finger in a tank where small fish will come to tickle you, or to see the small tank of the legendary mantis-shrimp, well known for its incredible punching force.


In the third zone are fish with unique shapes, starting with long eels, that look like spaghetti sticking out of the sand, sea horses, or strange fish, swimming head down.


Next is the waterside, in the first section you will be able to see turtles, frogs, chameleon, and you will be welcomed to the cafe by a white tiger, a hippo and alligators (or a crocodile?).


The last zone is different, here you cannot see fish, but many birds, and most of them are not in a cage, they are flying freely, or just walking in the crowd. It’s also possible to see otters, capybaras and penguin.

In the aquarium, there are also two multimedia rooms. Finally, you exit by the souvenir store, which is also open to access without a ticket. At Nifrel, you should not expect massive tanks filled with thousands of fishes, but rather small thanks that contain unique and captivating creatures. A truly interesting experience.

Guillaume Doré

Guillaume Doré @guillaume.dore