Entrance of Spa World (Photo: Karen Zheng)

Ultimate Indulgence: Spa World

For your body, mind and soul

Entrance of Spa World (Photo: Karen Zheng)
Karen Zheng   - 4 min read

Be it after a long journey, excessive shopping or for lack of nothing to do, there is always a reason to relax! Upon arrival to Osaka, my first stop was to Spa World ~ Onsen from around the world!

Yet, being the walking-contradiction that I am, I was somewhat apprehensive of being naked in front of others. Can one be open-minded yet conservative at the same time? Regardless of all concerns, I was determined to give my body and mind a treat at this much-raved about hot spring bathing facilities!

Conveniently located near the Dobutsuen-mae Station, Spa World consists of two specialised bath zones (i.e. European and Asian), swimming and amusement pools, food, recreation facilities and a hotel. With instructions available in various languages, it makes it easy for tourists to navigate around the facilities.

The highlight of Spa World lies in its two bathing zones, namely the European Zone and Asian Zone. Each provides a variety of experiences that include indoor and outdoor bath as well as saunas amidst an exotic environment. For both genders to enjoy the facilities, which are decked in very different styles, the bath zones are alternated between males and females on each month.

Ladies get to enjoy the European Zone for the month of July, which was how I found myself transported back into time as I stepped into an ancient Western bath setting. At the first stop, Italian architecture presents an ancient Rome in the form of a luxurious Jacuzzi-style bath with a sculpture of the Trevi Fountain.

Coming to the conclusion that I cannot fully cover up any parts of my body with the small towel that was provided, I lowered myself sheepishly into the hot pool that read 41.9 degrees. Around me, seas of naked bodies float around while happy chatters filled the air. All my senses were sensitized, as only Japan can do to one.

As I happily dipped in different pools and explored the vicinity, my opulent surroundings reminded me of a harem, which I have only seen in photos and movies! So, this was how it feels like… Along with my wandering mind, I stumbled upon the Salt Sauna.

Imagine a heated room filled with white coloured salt that you could use to battle against dirt and irritating dead skin! Beads of perspiration flowed, as we scrubbed away relentlessly. Upon leaving the Salt Sauna, there is a water spray to wash away all residues. For supple and revitalised skin, this sauna is a must-try!

Be it the Bakuhanseki Healing Sauna, open-air bath named Mediterranean Sea or the Blue Grotta that promises smooth skin with its honey milk bath, there are plenty of options that will bound to delight! It is no wonder that one can spend all day here.

Soaking in the hot bath can also make one feel perched and even famished! There are water coolers around to help you stay hydrated. In addition, the food zone presents yet another exotic environment for one to dine naked while soaking your foot in the footbath.

When you have enough of the hot baths, you may visit the fun water park at the top floor. Nonetheless, do not forget to put on your swimsuit, as it is a public area for all genders! Worry not if you did not bring your swimsuit, as swim wear and gear are readily available for rental.

Last but not least, shower and beauty amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, bath foam, body lotion, hair dryers and even combs (!) etc. are also provided! Ladies need not worry about the hassle of lugging all your beauty products to Spa World. With such great convenience, I am already planning my next session of relaxation!

Note: Special admission ticket prices are available periodically.

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