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Shirakami-Sanchi covers both Aomori and Akita prefectures. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to some of the unique flora and fauna of Japan.



Kawaratai, Nishimeya, Nakatsugaru District, Aomori 036-1424 (Directions)


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  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


The best access point for your travels to Shirakami-Sanchi will be to begin at Hirosaki Station and use a rental car to gain access to the areas you wish to visit. This is due to the large size of the forest and the lack of public transportation in the area.

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Finding Shirakami Sanchi

Finding Shirakami Sanchi

Bonson Lam

The steep mountains and remote forests have sheltered this paradise from mankind, and like nature's amphitheater, you can see the drama of nature play out its next act. Come face to face with the Japanese Black Bear or the Golden Eagle for the first time.

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Awone Shirakami Jyuniko Resort

Awone Shirakami Jyuniko Resort

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Awone Shirakami Jyuniko is a resort located within walking distance to Juniko Twelve Lakes, an area of forest and lakes just outside the World Heritage Site of Shirakami Sanchi.

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Igloo Making Experience

Igloo Making Experience

Justin Velgus

The Awone Shirakami Jyuniko Resort has plenty to offer for nature lovers with a special igloo experience during the winter months.                    

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Near Shirakami-Sanchi

Juniko Lakes

Juniko Lakes

Justin Velgus

Within Shirakami-sanchi, the beautiful forest that stretches across prefectures in northern Tohoku, lies a land of mysterious lakes. Juniko means 12 lakes, but there are actually 33 waiting to be discovered.

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Snow Trekking in Aomori

Snow Trekking in Aomori

Justin Velgus

Awone Shirakami Jyuniko Resort in Aomori offers a snow trekking experience as a separate day trip or as part of a one night hotel package from January 4th to March 30th.           

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