Mount Zao

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Mount Zao is a volcanic mountain located between Yamagata and Miyagi Prefectures in Tohoku, Japan. It is one of Tohoku's most famous attractions, boasting spectacular views and unique activities throughout the country's four seasons. Mt. Zao's most famous sights include the electric blue Okama Crater and the mystical "snow monster" trees that form during the peak of winter.



Zaoonsen, Yamagata, 990-2301 (Directions)


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Ice Monsters in Zao Onsen

Ice Monsters in Zao Onsen

Nicole Bauer

Every winter, in the well-known ski resort Zao Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture, you can witness the creation of the very rare and truly spectacular Juhyo (Ice Monsters).

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Zao is Snow Monster Paradise

Zao is Snow Monster Paradise

Josef Diermair

One ski place I like a lot is Zao. Located in the north, on the border between Yamagata Prefectureand Miyagi Prefecture, it's famous for its snow monsters.

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Zao-san's Okama Crater Lake

Zao-san's Okama Crater Lake

Brian Wood-Koiwa

Zao-san is a volcano with a spectacular view at the summit; including a teal-hued crater lake, surrounding mountains and a simple but picturesque Shinto shrine.

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Mount Zao


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Near Mount Zao

Walking around Zao Onsen Town

Walking around Zao Onsen Town

Jerome Lee

Zao Onsen town is located in Yamagata Prefecture, and JR East Pass holders are able to get there from Tokyo station via a 2.5 hour ride on the Tsubasa shinkansen, followed by a 40 minute bus ride.

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