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Below Mikaeri Falls

Hydrangea Festival sights along the walk to the falls

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One of the few festivals that takes place in Japan during June is the Ajisai Matsuri (Hydrangea Festival). If you’re on your way to see the sights here (video) and make the most of the rainy season, you can take the shuttle bus (fare is included with admission) or hike a kilometer up to the falls. There are several gardens along the riverbank and a few shops and restaurants. You can walk along the road or follow a path next to the river among the flowers. The following photographs are some of the sights you might see along the way.

見帰りの滝—mikaeri no taki—Mikaeri Waterfall アジサイ(紫陽花)—ajisai—hydrangea あじさいまつり—ajisai matsuri—Hydrangea Festival

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