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Hiking Mt. Kana

Views of Fukuoka City

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Mt. Kana, or Kanayama, is an easy-to-moderate hike that overlooks Fukuoka City and the sea from its 967 m (3,173 ft) peak. On the Saga side of the mountain, from Yamanaka Campground in the village of Mitsuse, walk for about 15 minutes through the forest uphill. After reaching a paved road, the hike proper begins. From there, it’s about 60-70 minutes, past little waterfalls, forest plants, and the music of songbirds to the summit. For more avid hikers, the trail continues to the east, taking in the peaks of neighboring mountains. Before or after your excursion, stop at Café Notch just a short scenic walk away, near the campground.

金山—Kanayama—Mt. Kana

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