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Seaside Café Jammin’

Surf and reggae in Karatsu

Tristan Scholze
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If you like surfing, reggae, Hawaii, or skating, you’ll especially enjoy this café. Plenty of parking and outdoor seating with views out into the Genkai-nada Sea, the café’s in a perfect location. Relax and enjoy the beauty of Minatohama’s sandy beach and Tategami Rock with some Bob Marley in the background.

Seaside Café Jammin’ first opened in 1992 and moved to it’s present location in 2002, so it’s maintained a good reputation for decades now. The owner, Mr. Nakayama, has been passionate about surfing since he was in high school. He says this beach is even known as the best surf spot in northern Kyushu and it sure looks that way. Surfing competitions and related events are held here, promoted by the café. Professional surfers and skaters from around the country come to visit Jammin’ and ride the local waves.

One of the shop specialties is the curry. It takes four days to make and is so good and popular that you can even order online and have it shipped by refrigerated delivery service. Also check out the Jamaican jerk chicken, hamburger plates, or even reserve a barbecue and grill out on the deck (for four people or more). On top of that, the café has plenty of pasta and pizza dishes as well a number of a-la-carte items and desserts.

Even if you’re just heading from Karatsu City up the coast to the nearby port of Yobuko, the ruins of (Hizen Province’s) Nagoya Castle, or Hadomisaki (the attractive cape), stop in for a rest and some smooth music to go along with the scenery. The café has an extensive drink menu featuring excellent Lion coffee imported from Hawaii. There’s a full bar with just about anything you could want, including non-alcoholic beer for drivers.

My visit was during a windy and rainy day in February, but the café was still packed. The views of the sea are beautiful any time of year and during the winter you can enjoy the wood-burning stove. Even without the views of the beach, the interior pleasantly takes you to Aloha State. If you are a fan of the legendary surfer Eddie Aikau, you’ll find yourself in friendly company here.

Tristan Scholze

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