An English garden out of nowhere. (Photo: Sherilyn Siy)

A Cycling Tour of the Countryside

Discover many reasons to stop

Sherilyn Siy   - 1 min read

One of the best ways to explore the countryside is with a bike. You cover a greater distance than walking, but without the fumes of a car engine. The breeze cools you from head to toe and feels absolutely exhilarating. You can stop anytime to rest or take photos without worrying about parking spots or extremely narrow roads. In our short bike ride from Koma Station to Musashi-Yokote Station along the Seibu Chichibu line, we saw charming little cafes, English gardens, breathtaking views of the winding river, log houses backdropped by the mountains, and forests right by the train tracks.

Getting there

You can bring your bike on the train as long as it is inside a bike bag. From Koma Station, head down road 299 towards Chichibu. You will pass through Cafe Nichigetsudo. Road 299 is pretty scenic but very busy. Big trucks rush past regularly and the gust of wind they create can be pretty unpleasant to cyclists. To get to the quiet countryside route, take the road to your left parallel to road 299 from Cafe Nichigetsudo, still heading towards Chichibu. Enjoy!

Sherilyn Siy

Sherilyn Siy @sherilyn.siy

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