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Naha Tug-of-War Festival

Naha Tug-of-War Festival

Oct 12th - Oct 14th

Every October, Naha hosts its annual Tug-of-War Festival, where competing teams face off with a 200-meter long rope – a Guinne..

Okinawa, Oonoyama Sports.. 2 Free
Mahou Coffee at Tsuboya

Mahou Coffee at Tsuboya

Bonson Lam

Could this the best coffee house in Okinawa, if not all of Japan? Our JapanTravel correspondent uncovers this secret gem in the..

Okinawa Pottery Street 6

Okinawa Pottery Street

Bonson Lam

Yachimun Street in Tsuboya is the number one place in Okinawa for pottery, ever since the Ryukyu king gathered the very best potters..

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