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Onomichi is a beautiful and unusual town on the Seto Inland Sea.

Onomichi's Cafes

Here, at the edge of the Inland Sea, where signs of Japan s aging and the countryside s depopulation are everywhere, seven out of eight of the owners of the coffee shops I visited seemed to be well under 40, and their small shops were full of interest and life.

Onomichi's Temple Trails

Through the backstreets of Onomichi, twisting trails lead down from Senkoji Park to the sea, a mix of natural and man-made beauty.

Senkoji Sanso Hotel, Onomichi

This Japanese style mountaintop hotel, located in Senkoji Park, offers stunning views over Onomichi, excellent facilities and is the perfect base for exploring the city.

Cat Alley In Onomichi

Neko no Hosomichi or Cat Alley in Onomichi is hidden away between the sloping streets that wind around the town. It connects art, the town, people and greenery into one unique experience that you will not forget.

Onomichi’s 'Cat Alley'

The temple walk of Onomichi in Hiroshima holds more than the obvious. See what a talented artist did to revive a small section of town.

Senkoji Park, Onomichi

There s a lot more to Onomichi s mountaintop Senkoji Park than the touristy attractions for which it is best known.


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