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Hanami in Hiroshima Peace Park
Cherry blossom viewing in Hiroshima's symbolic park
Even if you are in Japan or planning to visit during the season, perhaps you've never considered Hiroshima as a cherry blossom destination.
A Hidden Gem in Hiroshima
Sandankyo Valley and Falls
Hiking in Sandankyo
"Old curiosity shop" of maccha tea and Japanese sweets
This quirky tea house is a delightful place to end a visit to Mitaki-dera Temple. Simple noodle dishes, delicious Japanese desserts, maccha green tea and coffee.
Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi
Easy access for visitors to western Japan
Stay connected while on the go in western Japan with the Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi service.
Japanese Kaleidoscope
A mixture of images for an overall impression of Japan
The various photos of places, people, and images that give an impression of the life in Japan. Reminds me of a kaleidoscope!
Found: 105 results
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