Bernard Gagnon

Yasugi Station

A tourist-friendly station in Shimane

Bernard Gagnon
Kim   - 2 min read

Yasugi Station is located on the Sanin Main Line in Shimane, around 15 minutes via limited express from the prefectural capital of Matsue. Many travelers who intend to visit the Adachi Museum of Art will pass through here, as a free shuttle bus connects the station to the museum – the journey takes approximately 20 minutes.

The station is extremely friendly for tourists, and includes a dedicated tourist information counter with a wide variety of English language brochures and maps. On the day I passed through the station there weren't English speaking staff on hand – I'm not sure if there are English speaking staff on other days – but Google Translate will generally help you get a message across if you need to.

Next to the tourist information counter there is a shopping area which sells plenty of souvenirs and local produce. It's a nice one-stop shop to grab a few bits and pieces to remember your visit with, especially if you've got some time to kill whilst waiting for your train.

For visitors looking for a way to explore the local area, the station also offers bicycle rental services. Regular bicycles are charged at a rate of 500 yen for the first 4 hours, and an additional 100 yen per hour thereafter. For electric assist bicycles the price is slightly higher at 1,000 yen for the first 4 hours, and an additional 200 yen per hour thereafter.

Getting there

Yasugi Station is part of the JR Sanin Main Line, and can be reached from Matsue in around 15 minutes by limited express train, or around 25 minutes via regular train.

For those who plan to drive the area, there is parking available adjacent to the station. The first hour is free, and after that the hourly rate is 100 yen.


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