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Hiking Tateyama in Shizuoka

Enjoy glorious views on a leisurely hike on Tateyama

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Surrounded by the beautiful Lake Hamana in almost all directions, a hike on Tateyama ensures glorious views of the lake as you circle the perimeter of the hill. To take advantage of this, wooden observation decks have been built on higher elevations. On the lower reaches stairways and trails lead down towards the few beaches around Tateyama. The most amazing view, however, comes courtesy of the 'Fujimi-Iwa', or the Mt. Fuji Viewing Rock. This naturally-occurring rock outcropping at the topmost point on Tateyama offers an unhindered panorama of the entire lake and as its name suggests, a view of the ever-popular Mt. Fuji if you are lucky.

Located immediately north of the popular Kanzanji Onsen resort area, the slopes of Tateyama are also home to the famous Kanzanji Temple. As such, the hiking trail is popular for the enormous 16-meter tall statue of the Bodhisattva Kannon, and the cave of Ana-Daishi. Small statues of various unnamed jizo also dot the hill infrequently, further adding a mysterious charm as you hike along Tateyama.

Tateyama is a 42 minute bus ride on the local Entetsu bus No.30 from JR Hamamatsu Station. Alighting at the bus stop 'Ginko-mae', Tateyama and Kanzanji Temple is a 5-minute walk down a long and unbending street, so straight that you can see the Kanzanji Temple's entrance tori even from the bus stop.

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