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Pops of pink will surround Atami Castle

Atami Castle Cherry Blossom Festival

Springtime blooms with a stunning backdrop

By Kim B    - 1 min read
Venue: Atami Castle When: Late Mar - Mid Apr 2021

Castles and cherry blossoms - it's hard to name a more iconic Japanese duo. Atami Castle is unique in that it's not a historic castle - it was built in 1959 as a tourist attraction - but it doesn't lessen the beauty of the surrounding area. The grounds are packed with plenty of cherry trees, making it the perfect spot for a sakura festival!

Alongside the trees in all their blossoming glory, there will be plenty of stalls selling a range of eats and drinks. The trees will also be illuminated for guests attending after dark.

Admission to the festival itself is free, but bring some yen if you want to take part in a castle tour or grab some food.

Getting there

Atami Castle is located approximately ten minutes by taxi from Atami Station, served by the Tokaido Shinkansen, the Tokaido main line, and the Ito line. The castle can also be accessed via the Yuyu Sightseeing Loop Bus which departs from Atami Station. Travel time from the station to the castle is approximately 15 minutes.

Parking at the venue is limited to approximately 70 spaces, so if you are attending, using public transport is advisable.

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