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Fuji Views From Tokinosumika

Different views of Japan's iconic mountain in Gotemba

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Tokinosumika is a family friendly leisure and sports resort with accommodation in Gotemba City, Shizuoka. Apart from an extensive list of things to see and do at the resort, another of the selling points is that it is located near to the Gotemba fifth station of Mount Fuji. As such, the iconic mountain can be seen daily from the resort, weather permitting.

Tokinosumika is home to the third heaviest bell in Japan. It is called the "Bell of Love". You can see Mt Fuji under the bell. The bell is located on a hilly area of the resort. The whole area affords a great view. They have a love seat, which is a popular spot for couples to take a photo with the mountain behind. Beside the love seat, there is a carousel, a personal favorite, thanks to the view of Mt Fuji.

Down the hill is the 'Slow Lodge Villas', yurt type accommodation of the resort. At night these are lit up as part of Hikarinosumika - the name of the popular illumination at the resort. The Slow Lodge Villas are one of several accommodation choices at Tokinosumika. Another is Hotel Tokinosumika. We had a clear view of Mt Fuji from our room. Even the car park at Tokinosumika has a clear view of Mt Fuji (weather permitting)!

Tokinosumika is also sometimes written as Toki No Sumika or Tokino Sumika. It is also known as Gotemba Kogen Resort.

Getting there

By public transport

Tokinosumika has its own private bus that runs between the station and the resort. There is also an infrequent public bus that stops near the resort. You can also get a taxi from JR Fujioka station to the resort.

By car

The nearest highway exits are the Gotemba Junction and Susuno Interchange of the Tomei expressway. The Gotemba exit can be very busy so I have found it easier and quicker to continue on to Susuno Interchange and back track from there to the resort.

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