The setting couldn't be better (Photo: Peter Sidell)

Nagahama Beach Park in Izu

Relax in the sun at this intimate little beach

Peter Sidell   - 1 min read

A couple of stops on the train from Atami on the scenic Izu Peninsula, Izu-Taga is a charming, restful little seaside town, beautifully set in a curved natural bay. One of its attractions is its beach, which with the nearby lawn constitutes Nagahama Beach Park. You can relax on the sand or the lawn, soak your feet in the sea or in a little foot spa at the information centre or, on alternate weekends from April to December (except for July and August, as they break for summer), pick up some bargains at the flea market, with vendors selling clothes and footwear, ceramics and glass, antiques and collectors' items.

Peter Sidell

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