Shimoda Ropeway

For a bird's eye view of a charming seaside town

By Jemma King   - 2 min read

Shimoda is a quiet seaside town on the cost of the Izu peninsula. It is most famous for the arrival of Coomodore Matthew Perry in his Kurofune (black ships) in the mid 1800’s.

The Shimoda Ropeway is a short walk from the Shimoda train station. It is a great way to see the town in the larger context of its scenic surroundings.

A yellow archway marks the start of the round trip to the scenic Mt. Nesugatayama.

The top of the mountain contains many attractions including the Aizendo temple. It is a unique pavilion style temple known as a spiritual power spot for marriage and children.

Nagomi Balls can also be thrown for peaceful minds and good relationships. If thrown by one person the stone must pass through the centre hoop. If thrown together by two people the stones must pass through the outside hoops.

You are also able to see the Izu Seven Islands and Amagi mountains from different view points along the trail.

Charm and beauty encapsulate Shimoda and the Ropeway is a fantastic way to take it all in.

Jemma King

Jemma King @jemma.king