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A Night in the Mountains

Sleeping in a traditional Japanese house

Susann Schuster   - 1 min read

Ochiai, located in the area of the Iya valley, is an important preservation area for ancient Japanese architecture.

You can spend a night in one of the houses and see for yourself how people lived centuries ago. The houses are renovated but have the charm of the original houses back then. The layout is still in the original state but of course everything you need for a comfortable stay is there: bathtubs, toilets, and shower rooms, as well as under-floor heating. A meal will also be prepared for you if you like. So you can relax, take in the stunning mountain views and just have a good time. We ate breakfast at Nakochi Life Share Cottage, which made an absolutely delicious breakfast for us. We had the most beautiful views this morning when the fog was still hanging in the mountains. If you really want to experience beautiful Japanese landscapes, this is the place to go.

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