Gorgeous cherry blossoms lining the path to the shrine (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara)

Grilled Rice Cakes at Kasuga Shrine

Japanese sweets made from spring water from a waterfall

Sarah Chaney   - 1 min read

Bizan Ropeway is located a ten-minute walk from Tokushima Station, and if you wander just a bit north of the ropeway, you will find Kasuga Shrine. The deity of this shrine is the same as the one found in Nara, so Kasuga Shrine is often frequented by visitors.

However, the yakimochi (pounded rice that has been grilled) sold on the temple grounds is probably more well-known to Tokushima locals. The traditional Japanese sweet is made from Kinryosui spring water, a waterfall located near the shrine which cascades down from from Mount Bizan. 

Enjoy a special moment with yakimochi and a cup of tea in hand, under the cherry trees.

Sarah Chaney

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