Looking through the Main Gate (Photo: C. Rio)


Temple #17 of the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage

C. Rio   - 1 min read

Temple seventeen in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Well Temple. Legend has it that Kobo Daishi dug a well with his staff to provide a water source for the local farmers. The well is called Omokage no Ido (the well of the image) and located in a little hut in the middle of the temple courtyard. It is said that if you can see your face in the water you will have a good future. If you can't, you will meet with misfortune within a few years. To get there, catch a Kakuen bound bus from Tokushima station and get off at the Idoji-guchi bus stop.

C. Rio

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