Many "Hachisuka-Sakura" trees can also be seen in Tokushima Central Park, which was the garden of the castle (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara)

Samurai Residence at Night

The public event of the samurai residence

Yoshifumi Hara   - 1 min read

Once a year, a three-day cherry blossom viewing event is held at the Harada House, a former samurai residence in Edo-period.

There is a beautiful 250-years-old cherry tree in the garden of the residence.

This cherry tree, "Hachisuka-Sakura", was planted in the garden of a castle first. ("Hachisuka" was the name of the lord)

Afterwards, it was transplanted to this residence when the era of the Samurai came to an end.

This tree blooms pretty reddish-flowers in the middle of February, whereas popular cherry trees bloom pale pink flowers at the end of March.

So please enjoy tea and sweets under the cherry blossoms at the event. In addition, we can also view the interior of the residence.

The season of "Sakura party" has started. And "Someiyoshino", the most popular cherry, is coming soon.

Yoshifumi Hara

Yoshifumi Hara @yoshifumi.hara