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A Stroll Along the Kyunaka River

This small river in Tokyo is an oasis for relaxing

Susann Schuster   - 1 min read

We found this small river when we were on our way to walk from the Sumida River to the Arakawa River. Not one tourist in sight, we decided to relax a little bit there and stayed longer than expected at first because it was such a beautiful spot. The hydrangea were in full bloom, a crane was looking at the people walking by, and there were several benches for taking a small break from the hectic pace of Tokyo.

The Kyunaka River flows into the Arakawa River in the south and has a great view of the Skytree in the north. On several bridges you can go to the other side. You can take a walk or go by bike or even go for a run there - we saw many joggers on our way. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of Tokyo, ready to be explored. They even created some small artificial "islands", which you can walk on and which make a great adventure for the little ones.

Getting there

The Kyunaka River lies between the Sumida River and the Arakawa River. Hirai Station (Chuo-Sobu Line) and Higashi-Ojima Station (Shinjuku Line) are close by. Kameido Central Park and Ojima Konatsugawa Park are on the western side of the Kyunaka River.

Susann Schuster

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